Sometimes a situation needs you to get up to speed. Fast. Like Covid-19.

We’ve been working with businesses all over the UK to help them prepare for their return to work after lockdown. That’s included risk assessing workplaces, undertaking audits and advising on what needs to be done to achieve Covid Secure Status.

Once those assessments have been done, it can also include working with our sister company, Virtual FM, to put physical requirements in place – from installing screens, barriers and signage, to providing PPE and sanitation stations, cleaning and decontamination.

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What we offer:

Covid-19 risk assessments

‘Back to work’ advice

Online training in Covid-19 management & safety

Reception & workstation screens

Sanitiser stations & 80% sanitiser

Signage, decals & floor markings

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Electrostatic misting decontamination cleaning

UVC lighting & air sanitising units

Tenant communications

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